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WordPress Hosting 2019: Which WordPress Host is The Best in 2019?

If you own at least one WordPress website, you most probably already have some kind of WordPress hosting. But it is never too early to rethink the web hosting solution, because you may lose real customers and real money if you choose the wrong web hosting provider. The cheapest is almost never the best, so please read on to get informed what kind of hosting is right for you.

Managed or Unmanaged / DIY WordPress Hosting solution?

You have probably heard of “Managed” hosting before. This simply means that your web hosting provider manages your hosting server to some degree. There are different levels of managed hosting:

  1. Managed VPS Hosting (Platform-as-a-Service)
  2. Managed Dedicated Server Hosting (Platform-as-a-Service)
  3. Manage WordPress Hosting (Software-as-a-Service)

The first two options include server software (Linux, Apache / Nginx, MySQL, PHP) into the managed service, so you don’t need to manage your server yourself. There are also cheaper Unmanaged VPS (or Dedicated Server) possible, which is more of a DIY solution, where you should take care of your server (or use suitable software to manage the server with, such as the RunCloud).

The last option (Managed WordPress Hosting) is the one we recommend for everyone who does not want to manage server software and WordPress installation (updates and patches) himself. This option includes the whole server stack, including WordPress in a managed solution, where you can just focus on your business and leave everything else to professionals. We will talk about several options for Managed WordPress Hosting later in the article.

Shared Hosting: Very common and the most economical option

Shared Hosting is the most often used hosting by anyone new to the hosting industry. It is cheap and for sites with little web traffic, it gets the job done well. When you receive more traffic (for example when you get featured on Reddit or Hacker News), you can accelerate this kind of web hosting with Free CloudFlare plan and get full-page caching on a CDN, for the ultimate performance boost.

With a shared option, you can expect the following to get from your provider of choice:

  1. Server Software Management (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP)
  2. cPanel control panel
  3. Backup
  4. Basic Customer Support

Some of the best providers of Shared WordPress Hosting out there are:

  1. A2 Hosting (especially their Turbo-Boost plan with 20X better performance)
  2. Interserver (Host unlimited sites for $5 a monthforever)
  3. DreamHost (Hosting with a great reputation and officially recommended by

With these providers and acceleration by CloudFlare CDN, you can’t be better equipped for uptime and speed.

Dedicated Server or VPS Hosting (Managed or Unmanaged): Uncommon and not really affordable

A dedicated server means that you have the whole physical server just for your sites and VPS (Virtual Private Server) means that there are few virtual machines on one physical server (or in the cloud) and you get one virtual machine with paying for VPS plans. Both of these are available in Managed or Unmanaged manner so you can choose according to your experiences with managing web servers. Some of the managed solutions are available from the same providers above, who offer shared hosting as well.

From Dedicated / VPS providers you can expect:

  1. Basic Customer Support
  2. Great Speed and Performance
  3. Backup is usually not included
  4. Server Management is not always included, but with Managed plans, it is included as well.

Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting: The Best Hosting money can buy

This is the best possible treatment you can buy for your WordPress site. Here you usually get white-glove service, including Great Speed and Performance, up to 100% uptime, regular Backups, Elite Customer Support, which is usually offered by WordPress professionals, full server software management, updates, and patches, which apply to your WordPress installations as well and most often the infinite scalability and ability to handle as much visits to your site as it gets (sometimes even millions or billions of monthly visits). Cloud hosting is usually flexible and elastic so it can handle everything that hits the server.

Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting is recommended for almost anyone, who wants to focus on business. You get one-click staging (test) environments to test changes before you go live, the best security possible and it most often is developer friendly, so you can access the site via SSH, SFTP, you can use Git and WP-CLI. It gets packed with Premium DNS and it is built with infinite scalability in mind.

There are many Managed WordPress Hosts, but here are some of the best, Managed Cloud Hosts money can buy:

  1. Kinsta (Infinitely Scalable / Infinite visits, powered by Google Cloud Platform)
  2. DreamPress by DreamHost (recommended by
  3. Managed WordPress Hosting by A2 Hosting

Conclusion: Who is the best?

You surely want to get the best deal for your money, right? And we will help you do so! Things are simple: If you care about cost and you are just starting out with your blog, which can simply be statically cached and views are made by non-logged-in users (unique visitors), then go for A2 Hosting or Interserver shared hosting package and do the CloudFlare acceleration with the help of our guide.

If you run your own, established business using WordPress, you should get your site hosted by World’s best cloud hosting possible for WordPress, the Kinsta Cloud Hosting powered by Google Cloud Platform. It is engineered to perfection, with unlimited visits possible on any of their hosting plans.

We hope that we just directed you in the right direction for WordPress Hosting in 2019 and beyond.